How much does it cost to protect a logo?

How much does it cost to protect a logo?

Costs for trademark protection of your logo A trademark application at the DPMA costs 290 euros. This fee already includes three brand classes.

How can I protect my logo?

In order to protect a logo from being used by third parties, it can be registered as a trademark with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). The trademark law gives you the exclusive rights for use in a commercial context.

How can I check whether a trademark is protected?

Searching the databases of the DPMA In DPMAregister you can search for German trade marks free of charge. The database contains pending, registered and rejected national German trademarks.

Is a brand name protected?

Brand names can be protected either as a word mark or a word/figurative mark. The trademark protection secures the trademark owner the sole commercial right of use for the selected goods and service classes.

How can I view a patent?

You can find registers at: (search site of the German Patent and Trademark Office DPMA) (EPO database of the European Patent Office) ( US Patent Office) (Google patent search and prior art search)

How can I tell if a patent has expired?

The term of a patent is usually 20 years from the filing date. The right to prohibit third parties from using or imitating one’s own invention can be asserted from the granting of the patent. Early registration is recommended, as the invention must be new worldwide.

How can I find out if a patent is still active?

As long as a patent has not yet been granted, and this examination often takes years, it is referred to as a patent application. These are published 18 months after filing, unless the patent office was exceptionally quick enough to grant a patent beforehand.

How much does a patent cost in Germany?

The DPMA warns of the type of feeAmountFiling fee for electronic applications (including 10 patent claims)40 euros – for each additional claim the fee increases by 20 eurosFiling fee for applications in paper form (including 10 patent claims)60 euros – for each additional claim the fee increases by 30 euros10

How much does it cost to patent an idea?

The application fee for a patent at the German Patent and Trademark Office is €40. This application includes ten patent claims – each additional one costs €20 extra. There is also a €300 search application fee and €150 examination fee.

How much does a worldwide patent cost?

A simplified calculation: For a national application, expect at least €5,000 to be granted. You can obtain a protective right that has been registered extensively in Europe from around €15,000. For intellectual property rights that are effective in the most important countries in the world, you must reckon with at least €30,000.

How long does it take to apply for a patent?

Attention: It can take 1 ½ to 3 years from the application to the granting of the patent.

When is a patent granted?

The European patent application is published as soon as possible after eighteen months from the filing date or the earliest priority date. However, it may be published before the expiry of this period at the applicant’s request.

When does it make sense to apply for a patent?

When does a patent application make sense? Registering a patent makes sense above all if the patent is to be used commercially and money is to be made from it. Also keep in mind that you cannot protect entire products – patents serve to protect (technical) inventions from imitation.

What does the patent office examine?

Formal examination and search First, the patent office formally checks whether all the required information and documents have been submitted. Patent claims can sometimes be filed within 2 months of receipt of the application.

What do I have to consider if I want to apply for a patent?

Among other things, the following documents are required so that you can register your patent: A technical description of your business idea Patent claims (scope of protection of your patent) Drawings of your idea (if necessary) A summary of your business idea (no longer than 1,500 characters) as well as.

How does a patent application work?

Your patent application remains secret for 18 months, after which it is disclosed, i.e. published. A reference to the publication of the so-called disclosure document appears in the DPMAregister database. You can view them there from the first day of publication.

What happens when a patent expires?

The losses when a patent expires can be enormous. The best example: When the antidepressant Prozac, manufactured by the US company Lilly, lost its patent protection in 2001, sales of the product fell from around two billion dollars to just 500 million.

How long is a European patent valid?

The term of the European patent is twenty years, calculated from the filing date.

What does it mean to be a patent?

A patent is a sovereign industrial property right for an invention. The owner of the patent has the right to prohibit others from using the invention. The protective right is granted for a limited period of time; in Germany according to § 16 patent law for 20 years.

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