How Much Does It Cost To Stuff A Squirrel

How Much Does it Cost to Stuff a Squirrel?

Whether you want to stuff a squirrel for display it as a pet, there are plenty of options available. The average cost is $125 to $155 for a chest mount and $180 to $195 for a full body mount. You can add more if you want the butts, tail, ears, and other accessories.

Nadeau charges $125 for a chest mount

Nadeau is a small-town man who has made a hobby out of mounting animals. He has bristly silver hair and a mustache, and two faded blue tattoos on each arm. He began mounting animals 25 years ago, when he lost his taxidermist. He practiced on road kill along Highway 44, and he still has a coyote head from those days on his living room wall. His hobby was an extra source of income, and he was thinking that he could make a bit of money selling the mounted animals on eBay.

Nadeau works on squirrels for four to five hours a night, seven days a week. Each chest mount costs $125, but he charges more for accessories. Since most taxidermists do not work with small animals, he has found an alternative market. Nadeau has even shipped animal mounts all over the world.

$155 for a full body

Nadeau’s passion for taxidermy has resulted in a business that charges $155 for a full body squirrel. The process starts with skinning the animal. This is done using an X-Acto knife. Then he separates the skin from the sinew. From there, he peels the skin off the hindquarters and feet with small shears. Once the animal is skinned, Nadeau soaks the body in a solution of dishwashing soap and water for four to six hours to remove all the blood.

The price of a full body squirrel mount will depend on several factors, including how large the animal is. A full body mount is more expensive than a life-size animal, and it takes more time to complete. You should also consider how complex the mount is. If you plan to wash the animal’s skin, you can expect to pay an extra $50.

Nadeau makes his own squirrel butts

Nadeau makes his own squirrel butt as a hobby. To make the butts, he skins the squirrels using a knife and separates the skin from the sinew. He then peels the skin past the hindquarters and clips the feet off with small shears. The finished product is red and looks like something out of a muscle body show in St. Louis. To remove any blood, Nadeau immerses the skin in dish washing soap for four to six hours.

Nadeau’s small house does not smell like dead animals, despite the fact that it is filled with dead animals. He drinks coffee constantly, and his kitchen table usually has two or three mounted squirrels. He also keeps an assortment of taxidermy equipment, such as glass eyeballs and Styrofoam squirrel-head mannequins.

Price of a life-sized mount

A life-sized squirrel mount can cost anywhere from $180 to $330. Other animals, such as foxes and raccoons, can cost as much as $615. The cost of the mount varies depending on the size of the animal and the base used. The cheapest option is to use a stock form, but if you prefer a more expensive option, you can ask a taxidermist to mount your squirrel using its cape or skin. A full-body mount can take anywhere from four to twelve months.

The price of a life-sized squirrel mount will depend on the quality of the animal and the artisan. An average life-sized mount will cost around $430. Larger animals like a Kodak or Grizzly can cost up to $2,100 or more. Plaques can be added to pedestal mounts for an additional $50 to $450, depending on the material and how many lines of engraving are included.

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