How Much Does Laser Scar Removal Cost In Nigeria

How Much Does Laser Scar Removal Cost in Nigeria?

The cost of laser scar removal is determined by several factors including the type of scar, its size and the number of scars. Moreover, some people are not suitable for this procedure, especially those with skin disorders such as psoriasis, rosacea and acne. In addition, patients using certain medications must stop taking them at least six months before the procedure. Moreover, because this is a cosmetic procedure, it is not covered by the NHIS.

Cost of laser scar removal in Nigeria

Laser scar removal is a popular cosmetic procedure that uses focused beams of light to reduce the appearance of scars. The process can reduce the appearance of scars by as much as 50 percent. It can also treat pain, vision problems, and stop hair loss. Laser scar removal in Nigeria requires several sessions.

Laser scar treatment can be costly, but it is worth it if you want a scar free life. Its recovery time is faster than many cosmetic treatments. Typically, each treatment takes around twenty minutes. In addition, patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure. This is ideal for those with busy schedules.

Recovery time

While the amount of time involved in recovery for laser scar removal in Nigeria is relatively low, it may require multiple visits. The procedure costs from about #500,000 to #5,000,000 Naira and can be performed in plastic surgery hospitals in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. Patients are typically given antibiotic ointments and painkillers after the procedure to prevent infection.

Prior to the treatment, a topical anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated. It is then cleaned with a suitable antiseptic solution. Following the procedure, a physician will assess the surface of the scars and determine the length of recovery. In most cases, patients can return to normal activities within a week. The recovery process may also involve the use of daily skincare products to enhance the healing process.

Skin type

Laser scar removal is a cosmetic surgery that uses concentrated beams of light to remove scar tissue. This surgery can be effective in reducing the size and appearance of a scar by up to 50 percent. The procedure is available in Nigeria at a few plastic surgery hospitals in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. The price for laser scar removal depends on the size and number of scars you want to remove. The procedure can cost anywhere from #500,000 to #5,000,000 Naira.

The procedure can be a little expensive, but the results are worth the cost. It can remove scars that are two to four inches long and can improve the appearance of the entire skin. The procedure is non-invasive and takes approximately 20 minutes for each treatment. This makes it convenient for people with busy lifestyles.

Cost of keloid scar removal

The cost of laser keloid scar removal in Nigeria will be in the range of #500,000 to #5,000,000 Naira, or about $1,000 to $5,000. It is available at plastic surgery hospitals in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. After the procedure, patients are given a topical antibiotic to prevent infection. They may also be given over-the-counter painkillers to reduce pain.

The procedure is noninvasive and usually takes no more than 20 minutes. It is a good choice for people who lead busy lives and want to avoid the downtime associated with a surgical procedure.

Cost of CO2 laser ablation

If you have scars that you cannot get rid of with traditional methods, CO2 laser ablation may be an option. This procedure can be used to remove pre-cancerous and benign skin growths, as well as unsightly spider veins. However, the procedure may require multiple sessions to provide desired results.

Before you opt for this treatment, make sure you’re aware of the risks involved. The treatment may lead to skin changes, including bruising, swelling, and crusting. You will need to keep the area clean and dry, and be prepared to change the dressing daily. Usually, six to ten CO2 laser treatments are needed for the best results.

Cost of dermabrasion

Laser scar removal is an expensive procedure that may require multiple sessions. In Nigeria, the cost of laser scar removal can be as high as #500,000. Some plastic surgery hospitals offer the procedure, but the cost is often dependent on the size and number of scars. The procedure may not be covered by the NHIS.

The procedure is non-invasive, and the recovery time is usually about 20 minutes. This type of treatment is suitable for busy individuals.

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