How Much Does Lee Funeral Home Charge Per Day

How Much Does Lee Funeral Home Charge Per Day?

Lee Funeral Home and Cremation Service charges for the use of their facility and vehicles. This fee can be less than what you would pay at a traditional funeral home. You may need to use the facilities of the funeral home to prepare your loved one’s body for viewing or for immediate burial.

Less expensive than the average funeral home

The costs of a funeral vary greatly, but can be much less than you may think. The price of a funeral depends on what services and merchandise are chosen, as well as any extras such as a death certificate or newspaper notices. Many funeral homes offer packages that include everything, so make sure to ask for a detailed breakdown of costs. While the cost of a funeral is not directly related to the loved one’s taste or personality, the amount of money can easily add up.

One way to determine whether or not a funeral home is cheaper than the average is to call around to compare prices. Many funeral homes in the United States do not post their prices on their websites, so comparing prices over the phone is the best way to make sure you get the best deal. You can even call up to four or five funeral homes and ask them to walk you through the pricing.

Cost of immediate burial

The basic service fee for an immediate burial at Lee Funeral Home includes transportation to the cemetery and preparation of the body. Infants and children under three years of age are free of charge. LFH also covers merchandise fees for children up to five years of age. Other fees are not included, including cemetery fees, airline fees, and cash advance items. The funeral home also does not accept future payments from the estate of the deceased.

While embalming is not required by law, it is often necessary for certain types of funeral arrangements. Direct cremation and immediate burial do not require embalming. The basic charge covers the funeral director’s basic services and a proportionate share of overhead expenses. The cost also includes the care of the remains as well as transportation to the cemetery.

Cost of embalming

If you’re wondering about the cost of embalming at Lee Funeral Home, you’ve come to the right place. The funeral home offers embalming and other services for a variety of budgets. You can expect to pay approximately $600 for the process. You can choose between various types of containers, depending on your preferences. For example, you may want a cardboard container encased in fiberboard or composition material.

Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi is one of the leading mortuaries in Kenya. The service fee covers basic service, body preparation, and transportation to a local cemetery. Infants and children under three are free of charge. There are merchandise fees for children up to five. LFH does not charge for cemetery or airline fees. No substitutions are permitted for funeral packages.

Cost of repatriation

Repatriation of a deceased person is not cheap and you have many options. If you want your loved one to be buried in another country, you can have a Singapore Casket sent overseas to the funeral home of your choice. This service includes the basic service fee, preparation of the body, and transport to the local cemetery. Infants and children under three years old are free. Besides the basic service fee, other fees such as cemetery fees and airline fees are not included. It is also possible to make substitutions and you will need to have a special order form filled out and sent with the body.

To avoid crowding and to ensure privacy, you can make an appointment at the Lee Funeral Home. This also helps to avoid confusion. However, if you miss your appointment, you might be left in a crowded area. Also, you might end up igniting the rumour that the bodies are not properly preserved. It is true that the bodies are transported to the funeral home premises from a warehouse in the Nairobi Industrial Area, which is located in the city. However, many city residents think that bodies are transported at night, when they are not required.

Cost of merchandise

There are several factors that determine the cost of merchandise at Lee Funeral Home. The basic service fee covers the basic preparation of the body and transportation to the cemetery. Infants and children under three years are free of charge. Children up to five years old pay a small merchandise fee. Additional items such as burial vaults, cremation urns, upgraded stationary packages and air fare are not included. There are no substitutions allowed for any items included in the package price.

When deciding to purchase a coffin, the cost of a coffin can range from 25,000 to over 140,000 Kshs. Lee Funeral Home is located in Nairobi and is considered one of the most popular funeral homes in Kenya. Many rich and powerful people choose to have their bodies stored there. This practice has caused rumors that bodies are not properly preserved at Lee. However, the bodies are actually transported to their premises from a warehouse in the Nairobi Industrial Area.

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