How much is 10 pages of text?

How much is 10 pages of text?

Number of wordsWord numberPage requirementFont size5,000 words10 pages12 points6,000 words12 pages12 points7,500 words15 pages12 points8,000 words16 pages12 points15 additional lines •

How many words fit on a DIN A4 page?

1800 characters per page, i.e. 30 lines with 60 characters or approx. 250 words.

How many pages is 1500 words?

1400 words correspond to about three to four pages if you write on the computer and in the normal way with paragraphs etc. In my experience, a pure block of text without formatting can fit around 600 words on one page, which then results in almost three pages.

How many pages is 9000 words?

The specification from my university for bachelor theses is words or 30 to 50 pages, so they also calculate with 300 words per page.

How many pages is 10,000 words?

A bachelor thesis usually has between 20-70 pages, with the average bachelor thesis in the range of 40 pages (10,000 words, 72,000 characters). However, there are no standardized requirements and in some subjects bachelor theses are generally longer than in others.

How many pages is 12,000 words?

How many pages is 12,000 words? That’s 40 pages.

How many pages are 20,000 words?

With 20,000 characters, that’s exactly 5.23 pages.

How many pages is 50,000 words?

In A4 format one-line, 12 characters TNR are 50,000 words almost 90 pages, but in pocket book format there are already 230.

How many pages is 15,000 characters?

15,000 characters (including spaces), 8 A4 pages (30 lines with up to 60 characters each, font size 12).

How many pages are 5000 characters with no spaces?

5000 characters (including spaces) and corresponds to about 2.5 manuscript pages. You can determine the number of characters in Word using the function: Tools → Word Count.

How many pages are 150,000 characters?

Diploma theses: 150,000 – 200,000 characters including spaces = 60 to 80 pages plus literature and, if applicable, appendix Examination theses: 125,000 – 175,000 characters including spaces = 50 to 70 pages including literature and plus any

How many pages are 18000 characters?

Once a count without spaces (1500 characters are one page) and the variant in which the spaces are also counted. 1800 characters including spaces result in a page.

How many pages are 30,000 characters?

Scope. Main articles should comprise 10 pages (orientation: approx. 35,000 characters), short articles 4 to 5 pages (approx. 20,000 characters) in 12p proportional font, line spacing 1 (in Word = “simple), including a summary, figures, tables and bibliography.

How many pages are 45,000 characters?

Scope (number of pages, number of characters) of the pre-academic work. The Federal Ministry for Education, Art and Culture provides for a length (text part and abstract) between 45,000 and 60,000 characters for the pre-academic work. That is approx. 15 to 20 pages if you have approx.

How many are 3000 characters?

In general, if I’m not mistaken, people calculate in signs. 3000 characters would be around 100 lines.

How many characters are 2000 words?

A DIN A4 page created on a PC usually has between 20 characters, depending on the font, size and line spacing.

How many A4 pages are 5000 characters?

5 pages written 5000 characters (858 words). You would have to be around the clock, depending on the paragraph, spacing, indentation that depends on the line spacing, font, font size, spacing between the characters and the margin. Assume font size 10, Arial – then about 3 A4 pages (incl.

How many characters are there on a page?

If it is completely filled, a standard page has 1,800 characters, i.e. 1,800 characters including spaces. But of course pages contain dialogs, paragraphs, and breaks, so most pages only have about 1600-1800 characters. The second aspect that speaks for standard pages: editors and agents are heavy readers.

How many pages are 25,000 characters?

Signs are the best yardstick Scientific work Signs (including Lee signs) Approximate number of pages Homework / seminar paper Bachelor thesis August 2016

How many pages can you write in Word?

– AW: How many pages can a word document have? Quote: “The maximum file size is limited to 32 MB for the entire text of the document; this limitation does not apply to graphics.

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