How Much Is A Bag Of Coal Uk

How Much is a Bag of Coal in the UK?

The price of household coal has risen sharply in recent months, with the cost of a bag of 50kg now sitting at around PS18 to PS19. The new carbon tax of 90c per bag will also be applied to it, and is expected to start at the end May. With the price of coal rising dramatically, so does the cost of buying it, so if you’re considering purchasing a bag, it’s worth looking into the latest prices.

Many factors influence coal prices, including gas and environmental issues. In the next few years, gas prices will rise by approximately 250%. This will have a significant impact upon power station profitability. Added to this, shipping costs have risen. The cost of shipping containers has risen from EUR20 to EUR40, and this is not the only factor. The cost of coal has risen by up to 50% due to pollution from plastics and chemicals found in smokeless coke.

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