How Much Is A Bag Of Turface

How Much is a Bag of Turface?

If you’re wondering how much is a bag of turface, you’re not alone. Many owners and turf managers have the same question: How much is a bag full of turface? There are two options to quickly find out the answer if you don’t know: pumice or kitty litter. You can also use a combination of these products. These products will not only save you money but also improve the appearance and quality of your grass lawn.

Turface MVP is a top-dressing that conditions the soil to resist compacting. It provides permanent water and air holding spaces, which strengthen turf grass plants. These two ingredients have helped improve the field conditions and made the game more playable. Chicago Bears Head Groundskeeper Ken Mrock selected Turface MVP for his athletic fields. His fields have remained green and healthy for 12 years with no major renovations or resodding.

Turface provides superior soil structure and helps to maintain the long-term health and safety of sports fields. Sports fields can become compacted from heavy foot traffic, making it difficult for water and oxygen to reach the root zones. Turface creates long-lasting pore spaces, which improves water and oxygen circulation. This product is so durable, it will only lose 3% over 20 years of usage. Turface topdressing is the only other product that works as well.

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