How Much Is Fire God Worth Ps4

How Much is Fire God Worth in Credits on a PS4/PS5?

In Rocket League, it is possible to trade characters between other players. However, it is important to know the market value of a character before trading. This will help you make a profit in trading. Fortunately, there are a number of databases that share the prices of Fire & Lightning cards.

Rocket League Fire God price in credits on ps4/ps5

The Rocket League Fire God price in credits on a PS4/PS5 is based on trading markets that are created all over the web. The price is updated daily based on all trades made on the market. This means that you can always know what to expect when you buy a Rocket League Fire God.

This price is updated as often as possible and is available for both ps4 and ps5. The price will also be updated daily for the past fifteen days. Rocket League Fire God prices are based on the market and include all other related rocket league items.

Value of Fire God in Black Market

One of the best black market decals for Rocket League is the Fire God. This rocket-shaped decal is compatible with any antenna, topper, wheel, boost, or car. It goes well with almost all colors and is a must-have for winning games. You can get one from the Rocket League item shop for 900 Credits.

There are different versions of Fire God that have different stats. Among them is the paintable version. Using Rocket League’s Trading market is one of the best ways to get the best deal on Rocket League Fire God. It is fast and easy to use and keeps you up-to-date with the latest prices.

Value of Fire God in Rocket League DLC

The Fire God in Rocket League is one of the most important items to have in the game. The Fire God will make your car look absolutely stunning. There is no other item like it in the game. You should have this item if you want to win games. You can also trade it with other players.

To find the value of Fire God in Rocket League DLC, you will have to look for the trading market. It is updated constantly and is the easiest way to trade in Rocket League. This price is based on trades created on the market on a daily basis. Currently, the value of the Fire God Xbox Series/One DLC is 465 Credits. The average price over the last 15 days is 464 Credits.

Value of Fire God in Rocket League

There are many ways to get the Fire God in Rocket League, and one of them is to trade with other players. You can trade the Fire God for Credits or Black Market decals. It is important to know the prices of different items before making any trades, however. In order to avoid scams, you should search several databases for the latest prices.

You should also keep in mind that the Fire God decal is not worth the same on each platform, and the PS and PC versions will be more expensive in $ than the Xbox version. The Xbox version of the decal has lost almost half of its value over the last few years, and the PS4 version has lost about 75% of its value.

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