How Much Is Fixed Bridge In Philippines

How Much is Fixed Bridge in the Philippines?

When you’re looking to replace missing teeth, you may be wondering how much a fixed bridge costs in the Philippines. While these bridges are comparable in function, not all of them come cheap. Continue reading to see a better picture. This article will discuss fixed bridge costs in the Philippines, their advantages and disadvantages, and the typical price range. A standard porcelain fused to an ordinary metal fixed bridge will cost around Php 27,000. However, there are many factors that can affect the cost of this dental service.

Dental bridges can cost Php 5,000 per tooth. These implants are made of porcelain or metal and resemble a person’s natural teeth. A single fixed bridge can cost as much as Php 30,000 and is usually covered by dental insurance. Depending on the material used, a single fixed bridge can cost as little as php 7,500. Generally speaking, dental insurance will pay the majority of the cost.

A fixed bridge is a false or artificial tooth that is supported by two abutment crowns on the teeth to either side of the missing tooth. Although it is usually made from porcelain, you can also choose a ceramic model for less than Php 26,000 or a more affordable ceramic one for around the same price. A dental bridge is a much better option than a denture, and you’ll be free of discomfort after wearing one.

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