How Much Is Gender Selection In Cyprus

IVF With Gender Selection – Is it Legal?

IVF with Gender Selection is a medical procedure that can help you select the gender of your child. This treatment costs $3,000 to $3,500 and is available in Cyprus with many reputable doctors and advanced fertility clinics. The process is highly successful and is safe, and many couples have chosen gender selection for their children.


While gender selection is not legal in every country, it is legal in Cyprus. There are a few things to consider when deciding if it is the right decision for you. For one, Cyprus is a popular fertility destination for couples from all over the world. Its legality makes it attractive to couples from all over the world who are seeking to conceive.

Gender selection involves the use of embryos to determine a baby’s sex. During this process, a fertility doctor will examine the embryos to check for chromosome abnormalities. The remaining embryos will be stored for future pregnancies, if the couple decides to do so.


Couples seeking to conceive a child of a specific sex can use the MicroSort gender selection method. This technology works by separating sperm cells into X and Y chromosomes. This separation allows a couple to use only the sperm cells that will lead to a baby of the desired sex.

The procedure has two advantages over other gender selection methods. First, it is faster than conventional IVF. It uses a swim-up method to separate sperm from egg, which eliminates the need for centrifugation. Second, it is less expensive than other options, which can add up to several thousand dollars per cycle. The risk of transmission of certain diseases is eliminated.

Pre-implantation genetic screening

The most common method of gender selection in Cyprus is pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS). This procedure involves removing cells from the embryo at day three and sending them to a lab for analysis to determine its gender and chromosomal health. It is available for couples who are planning to have a child. The results of the screening will help couples make informed decisions about gender and ensure a healthy pregnancy.

PGD, or pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, is an effective procedure that detects abnormalities in an embryo’s DNA. It is not only used to choose a baby’s sex, but also to check the embryo’s chromosomes for hereditary diseases. It is also an important step to avoid conceiving a child with an abnormality, such as Down syndrome, a recessive gene, or a chromosome abnormality.

Legality of gender selection

Gender selection is illegal in the UK, according to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act of 2008. The law only allows for gender selection if it is medically necessary. In Northern Cyprus, however, the legal ambiguity is sufficient to make it an attractive option for couples interested in the controversial designer baby industry. The cost of a gender selection procedure in the UK is approximately EUR8,000, which includes the cost of preliminary scans and monitoring. However, in Cyprus, the process can be carried out for a lower cost, compared to UK clinics.

Gender selection is a controversial issue. In many countries, the practice of gender selection is regulated by law. However, in North Cyprus, it is not regulated by law. This article outlines the process and how gender selection is carried out there.

Success rates

While not a choice, gender selection is a viable option for parents seeking a different child’s sex. The procedure, which can be done in a clinic or at home, requires a preimplantation genetic screening, which can detect chromosomal abnormalities. Generally, this screening will reveal whether or not a child will be a boy or a girl. In Cyprus, the success rate is 99.9%, and this is the same rate as in the USA. However, if you do not have the finances to cover the procedure in Cyprus, you can try infertility treatments in your home country.

Gender selection is legal in Cyprus, and is an excellent choice for couples who want a balanced family. It is possible to have an opposite-sex child through IVF, and the North Cyprus IVF Center is one of the few fertility clinics that offers this service. Gender selection is best done when the female patient is younger, as her ovarian reserves will be lower at an older age and her chances of having a child with a gender other than female are increased.


Gender selection, also known as sex selection, is a controversial procedure that is legal in Cyprus. This procedure involves screening embryos for genetic abnormalities before they are implanted into the uterus. The aim of the procedure is to ensure that the baby will be of the desired sex. The procedure can be performed on single patients, married couples, and couples of the same sex who do not have any children.

The procedure is easy and can be done under weak anaesthesia. The sperm and egg are fertilized through a micro-injection technique called ICSI. The resulting embryo is then developed into a zygote. The embryo is then studied and a third day, the third day, is used to determine the gender of the child.

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