How Much Is Julius Holland In Nigeria

Julius Holland in Nigeria

Limited Editions

Julius Holland is an African luxury wax print label. The brand caters to modern men and women with a strong sense of style and identity. Its designs are both tasteful and vibrant, and can be worn for special occasions as well as daily wear. The designs are made by expert teams in Holland.

Julius Holland offers an exclusive range of stylish fabrics finished with fine embroidery and shimmer stones. The fabrics are designed using innovative textile techniques and provide both long-lasting durability and luxurious comfort. The brand started out catering to African markets but soon caught the eye of jet-setters from Europe and became a coveted international brand.

Julius Holland also offers exclusives and limited editions. These pieces are sold exclusively through their partners. There are only a few of each style available. The Waxblock Limited Edition Embellished and Limited Edition Waxblock Fabrics are two examples. These pieces come in a wide range of metallic colors.

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