How Much Is My Susan Wakeen Doll Worth

How Much is My Susan Wakeen Doll Worth?

If you’re wondering how much your Susan Wakeen doll is worth, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn about Susan’s career, her relationship with Marlene Sirko, and even her copyright lawsuit against Ashton Drake Galleries. You’ll also learn about the perfect angel doll.

Susan Wakeen’s career

The early part of Susan Wakeen’s career included teaching special education in Waltham and Brookline, Massachusetts. She was encouraged by her twin sister, Sandra, to pursue her artistic dreams, and eventually she took evening courses at Boston’s School of Fine Art. There, she studied with Joshua Graham and Dorothy Lepler, two world-renowned artists who taught her discipline and observation.

She later began creating sculptures of babies and created her own company, the Susan Wakeen Doll Company Inc. Over the next twenty-five years, Susan Wakeen was recognized as one of the best artists in the world. Her work has been exhibited in major museums and galleries throughout the United States and Canada. Her works are also in private collections in Europe and Australia.

Her relationship with Marlene Sirko

The case arose when Wakeen hired Sirko to sculpt a head for her LMT. Sirko claimed that she never received the head, but Wakeen insisted that she sent it to her via UPS. She said that the sculpt was too oversized and cartoonish. Wakeen and Sirko’s relationship ended in the fall of 1990. The jury found in Sirko’s favor.

Sirko said she began the head on Drummer in early 1993 using a photo of a toddler. Sirko testified that she had other people see her work in progress. However, Ashton was unable to produce any photographs of the head before the trial.

Ashton argued that if Wakeen proved access or substantial similarity, she should win the case. Ashton asked the district court to add a line to the jury instructions to clarify this point. The district court judge, however, did not see the need to add the line.

Her copyright lawsuit against Ashton Drake Galleries

The District Court for the Eastern District of New York has reversed the District Court’s judgment in Susan Wakeen’s copyright lawsuit against the Ashton Drake Galleries. The jury found that Ashton had access to LMT and the Drummer is substantially similar to LMT. Ashton argues that the jury was not sufficiently informed of the applicable legal principles.

Plaintiff Susan Wakeen Doll Company claims copyright infringement of a sculpture of her baby doll titled “Love Me Tender.” Ashton Drake Galleries, however, denies the copyright infringement claim, arguing that Sirko’s sculpture is an independent creation. Copyright infringement occurs when a defendant copies another party’s work without permission.

Ashton’s brief argued that Sirko had not copied LMT. Ashton argued that Wakeen did not provide Sirko with the master skin. Although Sirko denied receiving the master skin, he was not able to produce shipping records or a transmittal letter indicating the contents of the package.

Her perfect angel doll

A perfect angel doll is an exquisite gift for any child. Unlike most dolls, Susan Wakeen’s is not made of plastic or a real human face. Rather, it is made of vinyl and fabric. The body of this artist doll is very soft, like that of a baby doll. The eyes are blue glass. Her dress has beautiful white wings, and she holds a golden harp. The doll is a discontinued style, but is still in excellent condition.

These dolls are usually numbered, and many of them have signatures. These dolls are highly collectible and can fetch a high price. Many collectors seek out such pieces because they have an aura of royalty. In addition to their beauty, they are made with great care. There is a large variety of these dolls to choose from. Besides the classic Susan Wakeen, there are artists’ dolls made of porcelain and vinyl. These dolls are often signed and come in a variety of sizes and materials.

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