How Much Is Street Bike Tommy Worth

How Much Is Street Bike Tommy Worth?

Street Bike Tommy is an American stuntman who is known as a part of the Nitro Circus on MTV. He has an amazing physique and is usually given the most dangerous stunts to perform. Having earned a net worth of about $250,000, Street Bike Tommy is still a huge bike fan.

Travis Pastrana

Tommy Passemante, aka Street Bike Tommy, is a popular street bike stunt rider and television personality. He is the star of the MTV series Nitro Circus, where he is known for doing some of the most spectacular stunts. He has a net worth of $250,000, and he’s still very passionate about his bikes.

Travis Pastrana began competing in rallying when he was nine years old. At the age of nine, he won his first MotoX Freestyle event and went on to win a gold medal in the same event. In 2005, he was back in competition and won the first ever double backflip.

Pastrana’s net worth has been boosted by prize money and endorsement deals. He won the AMA 125cc National Championship at age 17, and later the East Coast Supercross Championship. He later moved up to the 250cc class, and became a popular motorcyclist. His impressive stunts and ability to maintain a high speed through whoops have made him a fan favorite.

Travis Pastrana is an American citizen. He is currently working on bringing Nitro Circus to the U.S., as well as bringing the new concept of electric rallycross to the world. He is also making his NASCAR debut in the Nationwide Series. This summer, he is expected to have a busy schedule.

Nitro Circus stuntman Street Bike Tommy Passemante

Tommy Passemante, known by his nickname “Street Bike Tommy”, is a stuntman who performs extreme stunts on motorcycles. He is part of Nitro Circus, a crew of action sports athletes who have been performing stunts for over 20 years. Performing these stunts is a combination of strength, skill, and sheer bravery. The stunts he performs have earned him net worth of $250,000, and his stunts are some of the most dangerous.

Nitro Circus stuntman Street Bike Tommy Passermante is a construction worker from the Shady Side of Chicago. He recently tried to perform an impressive stunt by jumping a Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle into a foam pit, but he overshot the landing area and broke both his legs. His stunt partner, Nick Powell, was also injured in the fall on the Riva Road Bridge. Since then, they have worked as pit crews on NASCAR events.

Nitro Circus has featured dozens of outstanding stuntmen since its beginning 17 years ago. Streetbike Tommy has been involved with stunts that went wrong, and he is responsible for fixing them before they can ruin the show. His passion for performing has resulted in a prestigious contract with Nitro Circus. Tommy’s stunts have become a national sensation.

Nitro Circus has produced eight DVDs, two television seasons, and a feature-length movie. It is considered to be the premiere stunt show.

Net worth of Street Bike Tommy Passemante

The American television personality Tommy Passemante has a net worth of $250 thousand. He is known for his appearance on the MTV reality show Nitro Circus and for his spectacular bicycle stunts. His amazing physique has earned him a following from fans. Often appearing shirtless, Tommy has a reputation as one of the crew’s best-looking members. He is also an avid biker.

Passemante is a member of Nitro Circus, which performs action sports stunts. These stunts are incredibly dangerous and require much more courage than skill. Passemante earned the nickname Street Bike Tommy after breaking both of his legs in a foam pit. He also co-hosts an action sports TV show on Discovery Channel called The Explosion Show.

Street Bike Tommy is one of the most well-known stuntmen in the world. His nickname came from a failed stunt where he attempted to base jump with his Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle into a foam pit. Unfortunately, he overshot and broke both his legs. While he may have a low net worth, he is considered one of the world’s most beautiful stuntmen.

Despite being a retired stuntman, Tommy continues to love the industry and his stunt stunts. He regularly posts pictures of his outdoor adventures on his Instagram account. Tommy rides bikes and ATVs and also regularly works out. He also loves to drink beer and Black Rifle Coffee.

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