How much is the foreign BAfög?

How much is the foreign BAfög?

The amount of foreign BAföG for studying is actually always higher than that in Germany. In some countries it can be over €1,000/month, plus up to €4,600 for tuition (one off). In the EU you can spend the entire course abroad, otherwise the funding period is a maximum of one year.

Is foreign BAfög credited to domestic BAfög?

In fact, you will receive additional funding abroad for up to one year. To this extent, there is no credit for your studies in Germany. It is irrelevant whether you received BAföG abroad or not.

What is the current BAfög maximum rate?

From the winter semester 2020/21, the maximum BAföG rate for students will be €861, provided they are not living with their parents and family insurance is no longer possible. Living with the parents, it is only €592.

When do you have to pay back BAfög?

The BAföG repayment begins five years after the end of the maximum funding period of the first funded course in quarterly installments of €390. A few years after the end of your studies, the time has come: the BAföG has to be repaid.

When will BAfögamt report about repayment?

Facts about BAföG repayment at a glance.BEGIN5 years after the end of your BAföG funding period, you have to start repaying BAföG.PROCEDUREYou can pay off your BAföG debt in one go or in three-month installments.MAXIMUM AMOUNT You have to repay BAföG debt at a maximum of 10,000 euros. 2

In which cases do you not have to repay BAfög?

Since September 2019, as long as the exempt amount is exceeded by less than 42 euros, you do not have to pay anything back. However, as soon as it is 42 euros or more, you have to pay the amount that exceeds the exemption amount, but no more than 130 euros/month (or 390 euros/quarter) since April 2020.

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