How Much Is Tooth Replacement In Kenya

Dental Implants, Crowns, Bridges and Dentures – How Much is Tooth Replacement in Kenya?

Dental implants, crowns, bridges and dentures can be expensive. Here is a breakdown of the cost of these procedures in Kenya. You can expect to pay between Ksh.20,000 and Ksh.30,000 in a private hospital, while the cost at the Kenyatta National Hospital is Ksh.10,000.

Dental implants

Dental implants are metal frames that are surgically inserted into the jawbone to provide support for artificial teeth. They are a popular treatment option for individuals who have suffered from tooth loss or periodontal disease. There are several clinics that provide effective implant services in Kenya. The price of a single tooth implant can range from KShs 80,000 to KShs 300,000.

Dental crowns

Getting dental crowns in Kenya is an expensive process. Depending on the type of filling used, tooth crowns can cost anywhere from Ksh. 20,000 to Ksh. 30,000, but it may be more costly for multiple teeth. A good dentist will be able to help you choose the right filling and help you save money.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are usually made of two wings, one of which replaces a missing tooth. They cost between $1,100 and $2,300. These prices are subject to change depending on the type of bridge and the number of adjacent teeth. A well-maintained bridge should give many years of clinical service.


Tooth replacement in Kenya is relatively inexpensive compared to other countries. However, the price of dental procedures varies widely. A dental procedure that involves complete tooth replacement in a private hospital can cost KShs. 80,000, while a dental procedure involving a partial or full denture can cost KShs. 40,000 at a public hospital. On the other hand, the Kenyatta National Hospital charges only KShs. 6,000 for a full denture.

Teeth whitening

The cost of tooth replacement in Kenya is lower than in many countries in the world. While Kenya has advanced dental technology, it does not manufacture the materials used for dental procedures, so the country imports them. While implants can be expensive, the average Kenyan will primarily have dentures and bridges done. A single denture, for example, can cost around KShs5,000.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is relatively expensive in Kenya, and insurance companies will rarely cover it. Prices vary widely depending on the type of treatment and the clinic you visit. A simple teeth cleaning at a public clinic in Nairobi will cost about KShs. 2,000, while a procedure such as teeth whitening will cost about KShs. 5,000-6,000 at a private clinic in the CBD. Kenyans can get most dental procedures done locally, though expensive procedures, such as implants, can be expensive.

Teeth whitening due to fluorosis

One of the biggest health problems in rural Kenya and Tanzania is fluorosis. This chronic disease is caused by high levels of fluoride in drinking water. It has been estimated that at least 90 percent of the population in these countries is affected by dental fluorosis. In a recent study, researchers analyzed the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis in Nakuru, Kenya. Their sample population was comprised of both young and old residents of Nakuru. Fluoride concentrations in the town’s groundwater ranged from 0.1 to 72 mg/l.

Cost of teeth cleaning

The cost of teeth cleaning in Kenya can range between KShs. 1,000 and KShs. 2,000, depending on the type of procedure performed. While the costs of teeth cleaning in Kenya are relatively high, they’re usually not covered by health insurance plans. This means that it’s best to seek dental care on a budget. The World Health Organization recommends that dental care be carried out at least once a year. In addition to keeping teeth clean, a professional dental checkup improves your self-esteem.

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