How Much Is Western Sizzlin Dinner Buffet

How Much Is Western Sizzlin Dinner Buffet?

In order to determine the price, you need to know the menu at Western Sizzlin. This information is also helpful for finding a discount, as well as the operating hours. The price is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding which buffet to choose. You can check out the menu at this website to learn more about the prices and the menu items.


The Western Sizzlin is a chain of American restaurants that feature a variety of fresh foods. Its Flamekist steaks are the signature dish, with the menu tending toward steaks and other meaty cuts. This restaurant has a laid-back atmosphere and serves casual dining. It also offers takeout and delivery services.

The Western Sizzlin’s dinner buffet menu consists of a variety of different entrees. You can choose from steaks, seafood, and chicken. The meals are served with your choice of two sides. You can also order an ice cream bar. While the menu changes frequently, it is a good idea to check the prices of specific locations to make sure they are still valid.


The Western Sizzlin dinner buffet is a very popular dining option that is open Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm. It features a wide variety of cuisines, including multiple meat choices. It also has a top salad bar and offers takeaway and delivery options. Prices start at $8 for lunch, and $10 for dinner. Customers can expect a great experience, and the staff is always friendly. There is also an extensive dessert selection, including cakes, brownies, pudding, and cobbler.

The Western Sizzlin features a very welcoming atmosphere with beautiful art on the walls, and the seating is spacious. The lighting is not too bright, which helps to create a cozy ambiance. Prices are very reasonable for the type of food that is offered.


The Western Sizzlin Buffet is one of the most popular buffets in the country. It features a wide variety of food, including high-quality charbroiled steaks. Discounts for seniors and students make it even more affordable to enjoy the restaurant’s meals.

The Western Sizzlin dinner buffet includes a variety of meats and vegetables, as well as a fresh salad bar. A variety of soups and breads are available as well. To round out the meal, there is a dessert bar that features cookies, cakes, pudding, and cobbler.

Hours of operation

The Western Sizzlin dinner buffet is open daily for lunch and dinner, and features a large selection of meats and vegetables. You can also choose from a fresh salad bar and soups. Cornbread and cheddar biscuits are also available, as are a variety of desserts. There is also an ice cream bar and an assortment of cookies and cakes.

You can dine on a wide variety of fresh foods at the Western Sizzlin Buffet, which is well-known for its Flamekist steaks. The restaurant is open daily from 11AM, and offers a special deal every Friday. Fridays are prime rib night, and after 5 PM you can get frog legs, too.

Rotating menu

The rotating menu at the Western Sizzlin dinner buffet features a variety of entrees and sides that you’ll want to try. The meat and vegetable selections are plentiful and you’ll find plenty of salads and soups, too. There’s also a huge dessert bar that’s filled with everything from cakes to cookies and ice cream.

The Western Sizzlin dinner buffet is popular for its Flamekist steaks, which are charbroiled steaks that have a buttery flavor. The variety is extensive, and the western sizzlin has a casual dress code. They also feature a children’s section that’s great for families with young kids.

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