How much memory does Web de FreeMail have?

How much memory does Web de FreeMail have?

The online storage is your personal cloud at WEB.DE. It allows you to save all of your files online. As a user of WEB.DE FreeMail you get 2 GB of free storage space to start with – enough for hundreds of photos or documents.

How many pictures can I send by email?

If you want to send several photos in full resolution or videos, your e-mail program will quickly inform you that the attachment is too large to be sent. Hardly any service allows more than 25 megabytes (MB); many have reached the limit of 10 MB.

How do you send an attachment by email?

Forward emails as attachments Open Gmail on the computer. Select the emails you want. Click on the three-dot menu Forward as attachments. Add recipients in the “To” field. Enter a subject, compose your message, click Send below.

How can I send a document by email?

Send as an attachment Click File, click Save & Send, select Send via Email, and then choose one of the following options: Enter recipient aliases, edit the subject line and body if necessary the message, and then click Send.

How can I send scanned documents via email?

Home mode Insert the document, click the SCAN button on the left, select the document type and scan size, click the scan button, the scanned image will be displayed in the image viewer. Click Send E-mail and the Scan-to-E-mail dialog box will appear.

How can I send pictures by email?

In the photo tray, click Email. Select Gmail or your default email program. Sign in to your email account. Enter the recipient’s email address and a message text before sending the message.

How can I send photos?

Attach picture to email. In Windows 7, click on “E-Mail” to open the “Attach file” window. In Windows 8.1, open the “Attach file” window by right-clicking the photo icon in the pictures folder.

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