How much money for a bachelor thesis?

How much money for a bachelor thesis?

You are working on a project that is also relevant to the company and you will be paid for your work. As a rule, companies pay an average of 700 to 900 euros per month for your work, depending on what industry you are in and what previous knowledge and experience you have.

Is bachelor thesis paid?

For many, it is a clear advantage of a bachelor thesis in the company that you can also be paid for it. But this is not the rule, because there are no labor law requirements or collective agreements that regulate the amount of pay (see the blog of the Chemnitz University of Technology).

Who is allowed to supervise a bachelor thesis?

Who can be the supervisor of the bachelor thesis? Not everyone who holds lectures and seminars in everyday university life also has permission to supervise a bachelor thesis. Instead, the department specifies who is eligible as a supervisor and examiner. Most institutes have lists of possible supervisors for this purpose.

What does the supervisor do with a bachelor thesis?

Your task as a supervisor is to support the student in the selection of a topic, a specific question and goal setting and thus in particular to limit the selected topic together with the student so that it can be dealt with in the course of the processing time.

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