How much space between heading and text?

How much space between heading and text?

The distance to the next heading or text should be three lines. Another way to underline the importance of the first-degree heading is to use capital letters for the heading.

What is the usual line spacing?

The usual line spacing for continuous text is in the range of 120% of the font size or the conical height of a font, which results in a line spacing of 12 points for a 10-point font. In technical terms, such a text is set 10 to 12 points; Compress would be set at 10 to 10 points.

Which margins for a bachelor thesis?

In general, a distance of 22.5 cm above, below and on the right applies to the margins. There is also 33.5 cm on the left.

How many headlines bachelor thesis?

There is no fixed rule as to how many chapters there can be in a bachelor thesis. But the more chapters there are per fixed page number, the more unbalanced the chapters are likely to be. Five to six chapters on 60 pages are good. For dissertations, there should be no more than ten chapters on 200 pages.

How many sub-items in the bachelor thesis?

There should be a maximum of seven to eight sub-points per main point, i.e. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 … 1.8 is still within the scope, everything that goes beyond that makes the bachelor and master thesis confusing and, especially with short work, more is too much of a good thing (cf. .

How many levels of table of contents?

First you have to decide how many levels you want to display in your table of contents. A maximum of three levels are usual, i.e. the main chapters and their first two sub-levels. However, all of the following chapters are too small to be listed in the table of contents of your term paper.

Is the table of contents listed in the table of contents?

The table of contents itself does not need to appear in the table of contents either. Seen in this way, all parts including the table of contents should be displayed there. So if you want to include the table of contents in the table of contents, you should do so without page numbers.

How many sub-items at least?

A subdivision that can be called that has at least two sub-items. So 3.1 still follows 3.2 and, if possible, 3.3 and 3.4. Otherwise it is an example, not a sub-item.

What is in the table of contents?

Your table of contents should contain the headings of all chapters from the introduction of your bachelor thesis to the conclusion (also subchapters, as well as any deeper levels), the bibliography and the appendix of your bachelor thesis.

Which page is the table of contents?

In addition, it must be ensured that no page number is given on the cover sheet of the term paper. Since all pages are counted in the term paper, the page following the cover sheet – usually the table of contents – has page number “2”.

How do you make a good table of contents?

Create the table of contents Click where you want to insert the table of contents, usually at the beginning of a document, click References> Table of Contents, then choose an Auto Table of Contents style from the list.

What is in a table of contents?

Position of the table of contents “Tables of contents are at the front or at the back of the book. They should be where the reader seeks them; in any case right at the front, directly after the main title, or at the very back, under no circumstances after the foreword or at the end of the book in front of a series of advertisements. “

Which comes first foreword or table of contents?

“(2) It is permissible to place a foreword or a foreword in front of the table of contents. Every other part of the text comes after it and is also included in the directory. A note on the numbering of the chapters: They are numbered from the introduction to the disposal.

Where is the appendix in the table of contents?

The formal reference to the appendix follows the bibliography in the table of contents. The pages are numbered consecutively or in Roman numerals. A list of appendices is possible, but is only recommended if there are three or more headings.

Is the foreword listed in the table of contents?

The foreword is in front of the table of contents and should not be longer than 10% of the main text. Short forewords, up to one page, are not referred to as a foreword, but as a preliminary remark.

What is in a foreword?

The foreword is at the beginning of your thesis, more precisely after the abstract, but before the blocking notice and the table of contents.

Is the foreword numbered?

Conclusion. The foreword of the bachelor thesis or master thesis is personal, informal and is not a compulsory part of an academic paper. The foreword should not be longer than one page and should appear before the table of contents; Page numbering is also dispensed with.

What can you write in a foreword?

When you write a foreword, you must put it after the title page and before the table of contents. It is given a Roman page number, but it is not included in the table of contents. Similar to the introduction and conclusion, the foreword is only written at the end.

What do I write in a prologue?

Example of the content function: The prologue describes an event torn from the presence of the narrative, which the reader must know before starting the actual novel in order to experience the novel as intensively as possible and to understand it as well as possible. For example a traumatic experience in childhood.

What’s in a prologue?

The prologue (Greek πρόλογος / prólogos / “the preface, the preface”) means something like “preface”. It consists of the components “pro” (Greek “before”) and “logos” (Greek “word”). The epilogue designates the afterword accordingly. A prologue is an introduction, preface or a foreword.

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