How much theory in bachelor thesis?

How much theory in bachelor thesis?

The theoretical framework is placed before the methodology in your thesis and should be about 30% of the scope of your bachelor thesis or

How many pages discussion bachelor thesis?

Discussion should account for between 5-10% of your work. So if you have a bachelor thesis of 30 pages, that’s between 2 – 5 pages.

What goes into the discussion of the results?

In the discussion, you evaluate your research: You name expectations and possible causes and consequences of the results. You interpret your results and classify them in the current state of research. You explain any restrictions and limitations of your research.

How do you start a discussion?

In a discussion, your point of view should first develop and you should start the discussion neutrally beforehand. Before starting a discussion, you must form your own opinion on the topic. Finding your own point of view on an issue is the first step in preparing for a discussion.

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