How Much To Put Windows In Vw Transporter

How Much to Put Windows in a VW Transporter

Are you wondering how much to put windows in your VW Transporter? Before you begin the project, it’s important to understand how the windows are mounted. Rubber-mounted windows require a hole about 7mm in diameter and are not easily altered. This is because the frame of the window fits into the hole. You may have to make additional space for the window frame. Here are some tips to help you get started.

First, take out the old window panel. If necessary, you can ask another person to help you. Next, trace the opening with a pencil. Make sure there is a consistent gap between your old window and your new one. Then, replace the window, making sure to level it correctly. Measure the gap between the window and the wall to ensure it is snug.

Before installing the window, make sure to prepare the van by removing the old one. To protect the paintwork, make sure you use a sheet polythene or masking tape. Next, mark a line across the central strut with a mini grinder. Then, use the grinder to cut out the top and bottom section of the strut. Once this is done, install the new window.

Before you put the windows into your VW Transporter, make sure to measure the existing holes and mark the ones that need replacing. It’s vital to ensure that the window frame is rust-free. Rusted metal can cause cracks and deterioration, so make sure to paint the edges of the window before putting them in. You will end up with a distortion view of the interior of your VW Transporter if you don’t measure the hole.

If you feel confident enough, you may be able to fit the windows yourself. But make sure to get the windows fitted correctly and avoid mistakes. Having windows fitted the wrong way can be tricky, but it shouldn’t be difficult. Even if your windows aren’t in the best of condition, it’s worth spending a few minutes to put them up. If you’re unsure about DIY, hire an expert.

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