How Often Do Aka Graduate Chapters Have Lines

How Often Do AKA Graduate Chapters Have Lines?

Graduate chapters don’t have lines very often. They might have lines once a year, or every couple of years. The problem is that a lot of graduate students don’t know how to change chapters and are too embarrassed to do so. The problem with graduate chapters is that the operations of the organization are the ones who need to decide how often they have lines. That’s why it’s important to review the current procedures before you make any changes.

Start by looking at your local AKA chapter. Find out their requirements. They are almost identical to the requirements for undergraduate chapters. AKA members must hold a degree from an accredited school with at least a C+ cumulative grade. In addition to promoting AKA policies and programs, AKA graduate chapters must participate in public events and host events. Members should also identify topics or programs that are of interest to them.

Don’t try to fake a soror’s letter of invitation. Inactive chapters will likely have lines and won’t be accepted. An inactive chapter is more likely to welcome a real soror. This means she has paid her dues and knows what the organization is about. It’s better to let her join if she already has connections with the chapter and is a valuable asset.

AKA graduate chapters are known for establishing lines of communication, but this is not true. Initiates are typically people who couldn’t get along in undergrad. That’s why it’s important to understand the rules that govern an alumni chapter’s intake. The rules can often be difficult to enforce. This is why most initiates don’t have lines. They simply can’t hang with the ins and outs of undergraduate life.

Inactive members often join orgs for the wrong reason. The truth is that once a member has joined, he/she will likely become inactive. If you can’t afford a chapter in your area, consider becoming a national member instead. Achieve member-at-large or state general member status can help you stay active nationally. This way, you can help to build a stronger community at a national level.

If you are not a graduate chapter member, AKA graduate chapters might not have a line. You can use your local AKA chapter locater to find a graduate chapter near you. AKA graduate chapters are often subject to recruitment lines, so don’t be discouraged. There’s more to joining than meets your eye. Make sure to have all your application materials on hand and send your letters early. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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