How often to cite the same source?

How often to cite the same source?

If you quote the same source several times directly in the text without a citation from another source in between, a citation with “ibid” in brackets is sufficient. In the bibliography, too, it is sufficient to list a source that has been used several times only once.

What exactly does a plagiarism software check?

Plagiarism software is used to check text passages for similarities with other sources. The result of a plagiarism software shows to what percentage a thesis shows similarities with other sources, but not to what percentage plagiarism was committed.

How to check for plagiarism?

There is special plagiarism software to recognize plagiarism and ban it from the thesis. For this you have to upload the text – regardless of whether it is a seminar paper, bachelor thesis and master thesis, dissertation or a scientific essay such. B. is an essay.

How to check for plagiarism?

You can already find most plagiarism using search engines such as Google. For scientific texts, however, it is helpful to expand your search to Google Scholar and Google Books. Here the chance of further hits is many times higher.

How good is Scribbr?

We found a serious and transparent exception with the provider Scribbr. Scribbr is the only provider that always offers editing and proofreading services as a standard offer and only charges one price for them.

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