How old can sources in a bachelor thesis be?

How old can sources in a bachelor thesis be?

certainly no new edition is completely new, but if you are unlucky you cite something outdated. if you are sure that the world is still round, then it does not matter whether the source information is old. It can be of any age. It is only important that the information is correct and not out of date today.

Which words do not belong in a bachelor thesis?

Words like “natural”, “logical”, “of course” or even “beautiful”, “fantastic”, “super” or “wonderful” should simply be avoided. The same applies to exaggerations such as “very”, “extreme”, “really” and “great”. A bachelor’s or master’s thesis is not a song lyrics.

How many points bachelor thesis?

In order to complete the bachelor’s degree, a bachelor thesis must be submitted. The bachelor thesis is often the first major thesis that students have to write. The bachelor thesis is remunerated with at least 6 ECTS up to a maximum of 12 ECTS (a total of 180 ECTS are required for the bachelor’s degree).

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