How Old Is Myles Savage Of The Platters

How Old Is Myles Savage Of The Platters?

If you’ve been wondering, “How old is Myles Savage of the Platters?” then you’re not alone. It’s a common question for fans of popular music. But the answer to this question can vary from fan to fan. The following is a list of notable facts about the band and its lead singer. It also includes their members and charted singles.

Myles Savage

Myles Savage is a member of the band Platters. He is a legendary singer. The band is still active and he recently moved to St. Augustine, Florida, where he has been playing since 1976. His age is irrelevant, despite his many decades in the music industry. The band is known for their two-hour concerts with big band, which recreate the best of doo-wop.


Myles Savage, the lead singer of the Platters, was recruited by Hank Williams to sing with the group in 1976. He has also sung with the Coasters, Drifters, and Temptations. Most of these groups were formed after the golden era of the ’50s and ’60s, so Savage’s affiliations were formed after that period.

Platters members

The Platters’ lead singer Myles Savage is still singing despite being 73 years old. The singer was recruited by Hank Williams in 1976 to join the group. He had previously been with the Coasters, the Drifters, and the Temptations. But, these group affiliations were all formed after the ’50s and ’60s golden age. He recently relocated to St. Augustine, Florida to start a new life there.

Although the Platters’ original line-up changed a few times, the band’s popularity didn’t decrease. Despite their lineup changes, the group had four no. 1 hits. In addition to soaring popularity in the early rock and roll era, the group was also considered pioneers in pop culture.

Platters name changed to Buck Ram Platters

Buck Ram has not abandoned his love of musical genres and his passion for discovery is evident in his countless albums. He discovered the Three Suns in the late 1940s and went on to produce the Platters in the 1950s and 60s, garnering 16 Gold Records and numerous achievement awards. His right-hand woman, Jean Bennett, entered the industry in 1954 as an aspiring performer. She later became an employee of Buck Ram and co-authored his first Personality Plugger magazine.

The Platters lineup changed several times in the early 1960s, including a breakup in 1965. The band’s lineup featured lead vocalist Sonny Turner, David Lynch, and Nate Nelson, among others. The band’s line-up included Barbara Randolph in 1964, who would later leave the band. Powell and Johnson continued to tour under the name “The Platters.” In 1966, Bennett bought Personality Productions from Ram and hired five new members to form the Buck Ram Platters.

Platters’ impact on early rock and roll

When it comes to the impact of the Platters on early rock and roll, few artists can match the legendary lead singer Myles Savage. The singer recently chose St. Augustine, Florida, as his new home. With his big band backing him, Savage puts on a two-hour show that recreates the best of doo-wop.

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