How should a speech be structured?

How should a speech be structured?

The structure of a speech is the structure of the speech. A speech is made up of an introduction, main body and conclusion, which should look like this: Introduction: Here the listeners are welcomed and any thanks expressed. The problem / reason for speaking is stated and briefly described.

What is important for a speech?

The key to starting your speech is to grab your audience’s attention and spark their interest. The first part is therefore particularly important. If a speaker does not succeed in picking up the audience here, interest will remain low right from the start and there is a risk that hardly anyone will be listening.

How do you construct a speech?

Use short sentences that will stick in the audience’s mind. Avoid complicated sentence constructions that are nested in themselves. Write as actively as possible so as not to bore the audience. Pictures, examples and quotations can be used to add variety to the speech.

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