How Strange To Dream Of You Even When I Awake

How Strange to Dream of You Even When I Am Awake

It may sound strange, but you can actually have a dream of yourself or someone else. This can happen even if you are wide awake. I recently had a dream of myself and my girlfriend while I was wide awake. My mind weaved into my subconscious and I was able to see a beautiful castle.


Whenever you feel like you are dreaming, you can try to wake yourself up by focusing on one small detail of your dream. This can be anything from your appearance to the texture of your bedding. It can even be as simple as looking at the mirror. If the object you’re focusing on doesn’t feel right, try focusing on an object that does.

Although false awakenings are not associated with illness, they can be scary and cause sleep deprivation. Different people experience different symptoms when they awaken from a dream. For some, the dream is mundane and others find it traumatic. Other times, the dream is scary and repetitive. Other times, the dreamer experiences a false awakening when a subtle break occurs in the REM stage of sleep.


Having false dreams of you even when you’re awake can be distressing and disorienting. They may be a result of interrupted sleep or stress. They may also occur repeatedly. They are usually unsettling, but will eventually stop. If you experience them frequently, you may want to seek medical help.

One method to deal with false awakenings is to check yourself in a mirror before falling asleep. This can help you see if there are any changes in yourself or your surroundings. Another helpful tip is to have a few paste-it-notes around the house to act as a reality check. This can help you ensure lucid dreams. The presence of these notes can also help you regain a sense of control over your dreaming process.

Another way to detect false dreams of you is to check your sleeping environment. When you wake up, you might notice that the doors and windows are closed or that the clock has changed. If you see any changes, you may be having a nested dream. This can be an indicator of trouble in your life or a need for change. For instance, a new job or school can trigger a false awakening. It is important to monitor these dreams so you can pinpoint the problems in your subconscious.

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