How Tall Is A Power Pole Australia

How Tall is a Power Pole in Australia?

A power pole in Australia is a necessary and important part of any community. Many homes and businesses wouldn’t have electricity without these vital structures. In areas where the distribution lines are too far from homes, power poles are necessary. Nevertheless, they must be installed at the right height in Australia to avoid harming passersby. You could be penalized or even fined if you don’t comply. To avoid these problems, learn how tall a power pole is in Australia.

Steel power poles are smaller and more affordable than timber ones. They start at 114mm in diameter and don’t go much higher than 7.2m. Their price range is $599 compared to $799 and $1320, while timber power poles can go up to 13m. These poles are also lighter than their timber counterparts. If you need a taller pole, you can always opt for a titan power pole.

You should also consider power poles for safety as they are often available in multiple types. They can be purchased in galvanized steel, timber, and steel/concrete “Stobie” poles. They must meet certain height standards in Australia, which vary by region and type. Timber power poles can last for 15 to 25 years, and they have a natural appearance. They also have a longer service life than steel poles.

Private power poles are smaller poles on your property. It is needed for safe access to the point of attachment or to pass aerial cables. The customer is responsible for the transportation of cables from private poles to network poles. The network power poles are usually responsible for holding large electric cables and street lighting. Network power poles are installed by network operators. However, if you want to install a power pole, you should consult a Level 2 electrician first.

Electrical services in Sydney North Shore Electrician follow strict height standards and are licensed Level 2 ASP electricians. They comply with standards for power poles and will ensure that your property is safe from potential dangers. A level 2 electrician is licensed to install power poles in Australia and is trained to handle live wires. They will also have the latest tools and equipment necessary for the task. This means that only Level 2 electricians can install power poles.

Steel power poles can last up 15 years and are generally more durable than wood. They are also less expensive to install and don’t require heavy lifting equipment. Aside from being durable, steel power poles are attractive and can be aesthetically pleasing. They can reach heights of between eight and eleven meters. However, in some cases, Telstra or cable companies are not allowed to climb private power poles of steel because they might not be comfortable with the risks.

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