How The Little Kite Learned To Fly Answers

How the Little Kite Learned to Fly Answers

If you’re wondering how the little kite learned to fly, you are not alone. There are countless children who are puzzled about the story, and many of them are looking for answers. But don’t worry. These questions can be answered. Continue reading to learn more! You’ll love it! Here are some suggestions:

First, remember that the little kite was afraid of flying at first, but he was determined. After whirling for a while, he learned to fly and was able to fly alone. His little companions quickly became birds and clouds. And, once he learned to fly, he savored the feeling of freedom! He even began flying the big kite.

But that fear of falling made him hesitate, so the big kite encouraged him to try. The big kite believed that the little kite would never learn to fly, but his words inspired the little one to try. As the little kite rose, he was able to fly and saw the boys below. He was able to fly in places only birds and clouds could reach.

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