How To Activate Cm2 On Infinity Best Dongle

How to Activate CM2 on Infinity Best Dongle

Activation process for CM2

If you want to activate your CM2 on Infinity best dongle, you will need to follow a specific procedure. You can get the instructions for activating the device from the company’s website or from the support area. Then, you will need to use the CM2 activation code which will be in 8-digit HEX format.

Activating the Chinese Miracle II software is quite easy. It requires an Infinity CM2 dongle that is compatible with the Chinese Miracle II software. The software will detect the structure of the phone based on the MT62xx CPU. It will then proceed to activate the CM2 software on the smart-card.

Functions of CM2

If you want to flash your phone to a different version, you can use the CM2 Dongle. This dongle supports a wide variety of phone models and all brands. In addition, this dongle can also fix stuck devices and is available in FFU format. Using the CM2 Dongle is the best solution for MTK CPU phones. It is also compatible with CDMA and GSM phones. It is advisable to use the CM2 Dongle if you wish to flash a factory FW on your phone.

The CM2 Dongle supports all RM versions of the latest Nokia BB5 models. It has a variety of flashing and decoding capabilities, including support for multiple filesystems and CPU/SoC configurations. This dongle can be used with other Infinity products for a variety of flashing needs.

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