How To Add A Vertical Line In Squarespace

How to Add Vertical Line in Squarespace

You may be wondering how to add vertical lines to Squarespace’s website when you create a new website. Squarespace doesn’t have a block that allows you to add vertical lines to your website. However, you can create one with CSS or code. You can then customize the color, position, and thickness of the line to suit your needs. You can also combine the line with other content.

To add a line on a Squarespace page, you can use custom CSS to set the height and width of your line. This CSS will create style rules that are applicable to all pages. In general, the width of horizontal lines will be the same, but the thickness can be different depending on the design of your site. Copy and paste the code in the Squarespace control panel. You should now be able to see your custom CSS in action.

Next, name your div class. The CSS naming convention dictates that the class name must match CSS’s. If you want your vertical line darker than the rest of your pages, you should name it “v1”. If you want to use multiple div classes, you can also use them for different lines. Once you have defined your class, it is time to save it and preview the changes. You will need to make any additional changes to your CSS again if you make any.

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