How To Add Flag Counter To Blogger

How to Add Flag Counter to Blogger

A flag counter is a widget that displays the flag of a country and the number of people who have visited your blog. This counter is used by bloggers to track pageviews and show which countries have visited their blogs. Follow these steps to add a flag counter on your blogger blog. First, login to your blogger account. Navigate to your layout, then click Add a Gadget. In the code box, paste your flag counter code and save your arrangement.

Register to install the Flag Counter. Click on the “Add Code” link. This will take you to the HTML/JavaScript code for the plugin. After the plugin is installed, you can see the flag counter on your Blogger site. This plug-in will display a map showing how many visitors visited your blog from which country. Click on the “Customizeā€ button to change the appearance of your counter.

This flag counter can be added to your blog or website by simply pasting a line HTML code into the appropriate box. This is simple and free and will display flags from countries visited. Each time a new country visits your site or blog, the counter will update automatically. It will also display the number of visitors from each country. This can be very helpful. Google’s Flag Counter will help you add a flag counter on your blog.

Flag counters are a great way to see how many people have visited your blog from different countries. This will allow you to see how popular your blog is in different countries if it has a large international audience. The flag counter will show the number of visitors to each country and a comparison to yesterday’s totals. The flag counter will also display the highest visitor number in recent years. You can also see which countries visit your blog most often.

Flag counter tool allows you to measure the success of your marketing strategies. This simple HTML code will display the number of visitors by country. This tool can also be embedded on your website. To ensure accuracy, a flag counter tool should also be embedded on your homepage or on the server. It is also useful for comparing the traffic from last month with current times. If you would like to add a flag count to blogger, contact a developer to embed it in your blog.

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