How To Add Search Box In Blogger Header

How to Add Search Box in Blogger Header

If you’ve ever wondered how to add a search box to your blog, you’ve come to the right place. You can add a search box to your blog’s header or navigation bar. It’s a simple process and takes only a few minutes. However, if you want to make it appear in a more prominent location, you’ll need to modify your blog’s code.

Custom search bar

You can customize the search bar on your blog to match your website’s overall look and feel. You can modify its color, fonts, border shadow, and button style. You can also change the padding and margin. You can also use a third-party Elementor addon to extend its advanced functionality.

A search bar is an essential part of a blog and should be useful to customers. In addition, it should be reliable. Blogger provides an official search box widget, but this does not provide a professional look and feel. You can replace this widget with a custom search bar using CSS.

You can customize the search bar by adding it to any section of your blog. Once you’ve added it, you can change its text color and alignment. You can also create a custom label for it. Once you’ve added the widget, it will appear above the post text.

Custom integration source

If you’re wondering how to use a custom search box on your Blogger site, you can add a new search bar using a custom integration source. This feature is available in several places across your site and allows you to customize the look of the search bar. In addition, it lets you override the default settings for the search box in the Control Panel. You can even enable the autocomplete feature for your search box.

Style tab

In Blogger, you can add a search box to the header section. You can customize the search box by changing its text, border color, shadow, alignment, and even its label. You can also customize its placement on the blog, so that the search box will appear above the post text.

There are various settings available in the Style tab to customize the look and feel of the search box. These settings include width, padding, horizontal alignment, background color, and border. You can also customize the input field. You can change its color and position. Once you are done with the settings, click the Save button and refresh your blog.

Location of search box

The location of a search box is important to make sure that people can easily find it when they’re looking for something on your blog. Most people scan websites in an F-shaped pattern, so the best location is at the top of the page, either in the left or right side. Usually, a search box is placed next to the navigation links.

The search box should be large enough to fit all of the content a user can find on your blog. You can also add a clickable magnifying glass icon to the search bar. The size of the search box will depend on the importance of your site and the expected length of a search query. Make sure that the search box is large enough not to take away from other elements of your header.

Color of button

If you want to change the color of the search box button in your blogger header, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You can either change the background or text colors for the search box. You can also change the capitalization and lowercase of the text. You can also change the type of border, which will define whether the search box has a visible border. You can also change the border thickness. The higher the thickness, the thicker the border will be.

The search box is a very important part of your blog. It makes your blog more navigable and user-friendly for readers. Each blogger has a customized search box widget that is different from one another. It also looks professional and helps your readers navigate your blog with ease.

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