How To Adjust Water Pressure On Drinking Fountain

How to Adjust Water Pressure on Drinking Fountains

You might be curious about how to adjust the water pressure in your drinking fountain. Water pressure in drinking fountains can be very subjective. There are many ways to adjust the flow of your water. Locate the adjustment screw on the fountain head to adjust the water flow. Some drinking fountains have plastic adjusting screws while others have metal ones. You can use a flat-blade screwdriver or Phillips head screwdriver to adjust the flow of water.

Some fountains feature a regulator screw that you can use to adjust the water pressure. The pressure upstream is the same as the pressure downstream, so you can raise the stream until it hits the drinking spout. However, there can be times when the water stream gets clogged up with mineral deposits. You can clear these deposits with a small wire or a round file. Then, adjust the stream to a desired level.

Once you’ve lowered the water level in your fountain, you can adjust the flow rate using the flow rate switch on the pump. Some fountains have a tubeless option, which allows for a quieter pump sound. First, unplug the power cord to remove the tube. Next, locate the flow control switch on your pump and move it into the “S” position. Once you’ve adjusted the water level, plug the pump back in.

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