How To Apply Micro Ring Hair Extensions To Short Hair

How to Apply Micro Ring Hair Extensions to Short Hair

If you want to learn how to apply micro ring hair extensions to your short hair, read on! Micro rings work through the force of a minute clamp and eliminate the need for glue, braiding, and heat. You don’t have to be too gentle with the bonds because they can withstand the force of a micro ring. This makes them easier to apply, remove, and maintain.

To fit micro ring hair extensions to your short hair, first rinse your natural hair thoroughly. Using a wide-toothed comb, gently comb through the hair from the tips to the scalp without hitting any of the tiny rings. You can also reattach the micro rings at the salon if needed. Perms can be used with micro ring hair extensions. For tight curls, use an alkaline solution or an acid-balanced one for softer curls.

After you apply your extensions, shampoo and condition your natural hair. You should avoid brushing your hair while it is wet because this could damage your hair extensions. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb the hair while it is still wet. Using a brush while your hair is wet will also make the bonds more likely to break. Apply conditioner to your hair after washing and don’t forget to use heat protection spray while styling.

Micro ring hair extensions may slip easily on thin, curly or soft hair. The best place for them is on thick, coarse hair, as these attachments need more hold to stay in place. Although this is not recommended for fragile hair, it is a good option for most women. Getting ready is easy, but it’s best to wash and dry your hair properly before applying your extensions.

After you have applied your micro ring hair extensions, be sure to care for them. Besides proper care, micro ring hair extensions will last up to four months and sometimes longer. Hair extensions can be expensive so avoid damaging them or removing them prematurely. You’ll be happy you did. You can apply micro ring hair extensions to your short hair and enjoy the results!

It is important to choose the right ring for your hair if you are going to use micro ring hair extensions on your short hair. You should ensure that the ring matches your hair as closely as possible. Otherwise, the ends of the extensions may be visible. Micro ring hair extensions are available in different lengths, so they can make your hair longer or thicker, or just give it more volume.

Wash your hair before applying micro ring hair extensions for short hair. Micro ring hair extensions can slip if your hair is wet. You should be careful as the bonds are sensitive to excess moisture. Salt and chlorine can cause discolouration and damage. You can also take care of the bonds by keeping your head above water whenever possible. If you go swimming, make sure to wash your hair well and use a protein spray.

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