How To Apply Sunless Tanner Without Mitt

How to Apply Sunless Tanner Without Mitt

When you decide to apply sunless tanning product to your skin without using a mitt, you will need to know how to apply it correctly. There are some common tips you can follow, but if you are unsure, you can use these simple tips. Before you start applying the sunless tanner, make sure that your hands are clean. The best way to do this is by showering after application. You can also use lemon juice to remove any excess color. However, do not use bleach as it is bad for your skin.


Socks can be an effective way to apply a self-tanner product. While they do not have the finger holes of a mitt, they do have a smooth surface to help spread the product evenly. Socks also hold more of the self-tanner than rubber gloves.

In order to apply a sunless tanner without using a mitt, it is best to wear a pair of slipper socks. These are thicker than regular socks and will help spread the tanning product evenly. To use a sock as an applicator, make sure to turn them inside-out first. You should then dispose of the socks once you have finished applying the self-tanner.

A good alternative to a mitt is to use a soft cosmetic sponge. This tool is convenient and easy to use. Ideally, you would use circular motions to apply the self-tanner. You should always wash your hands after using self-tanner products.

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