How To Authenticate Dolce And Gabbana Clothing

How to Authenticate Dolce and Gabbana Clothing

If you’re buying a luxury clothing item from a designer you admire, there are several things you can check to ensure its authenticity. First, check for the tag. A genuine Dolce and Gabbana piece will have a white or black tag with the name of the brand in the correct font, and a small ampersand connecting the names. You should also check the sizing. Authentic Dolce and Gabbana clothing is sized in Italian sizes, which are typically 38-46. If you’re buying from a retail store, look for clothing in this size. Alternatively, you can search for a reliable online store, like 1stDibs, which has authentic Dolce and Gabbana clothing for sale.

It has transparent plastic

Dolce and Gabbana clothing is authenticated with a transparent plastic tag placed inside the product. This allows consumers to see the fabric’s original design and material used to make it. This method also prevents counterfeiting. The labels also have a unique serial number.

The handle of an authentic Dolce and Gabbana handbag is made of soft, white plastic. It is always perfectly crafted and never wrinkles. Fake bags have a stiff plastic or a leopard print interior. The zippers on a fake bag are also not YKK or asymmetrical.

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