How To Be A Bin Tycoon For Free

How to Be a Bin Tycoon For Free

Find out how to become a Bin Tycoon free of cost. Bin Tycoons are a special breed of gamer, and they have an edge over other players due to their unique top hat icon on their profile cards. Bin Tycoons have the option to upgrade their nest to include up to eight rooms. Create themed rooms for your guests to stay in, and collect ratings to increase the rating of your nest.

Members have access to exclusive Bin Tycoon features such as access to a cinema, Tycoon TV Towers, or Nickelodeon TV programs. Tycoon TV, however, is only available to UK residents, and is an additional recurring payment package. Users can cancel the membership at any time. This way, you can still enjoy all of the features of Bin Tycoon without spending money.

Premium membership in Bin Tycoon unlocks many more features and enhances. Premium members can also adopt a Bin Pet, publish weekly magazines, take pictures around the game, become Secret Agents, and have access to Cash Machine earnings. Even run a nightclub business! There’s no better way to start than with a premium membership! The benefits are many. You’ll have access to more items, seeds, and Cash Machine earnings, plus access to exclusive item bundles.

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