How To Be A Foster Parent In Ontario

How to Be a Foster Parent in Ontario

In Ontario, there are several private foster care agencies that can help you learn more about becoming a foster parent. These agencies are affiliated with the Ontario Association for Residential Treatment of Youth. You can also contact your local child welfare agency for more information on fostering. These organizations will help you apply for a foster care license and will help you find the best place to live and foster a child.

Permanency plans

Permanency plans for foster parents in Ontario are an important aspect of child welfare. These plans aim to maintain a child’s relationship with his or her parents. Children in foster care often experience multiple placements, and this can take a tremendous emotional toll. Establishing a plan for permanency increases the child’s resiliency and eliminates many of the negative consequences of prolonged foster care.

Permanency plans are a goal-directed and systematic approach to child protection. These plans promote continuity and stability. This review of foster care research aims to promote research-informed policy. To conduct this review, we systematically reviewed research published in journals between 1998 and 2005. We excluded the seminal research on permanency planning that was published prior to these reviews.

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