How To Beat Level 109 On Candy Crush

How to Beat Level 109 on Candy Crush

Trying to beat the level 109 on candy crush can be very difficult, but luckily there are a few things you can do to make it a little bit easier. The first thing you should do is try to keep your power-ups to a minimum. Use them only when you really need them. You should also try to combine striped candy with wrapped candy, and combine it with a color bomb to clear chocolate and time bombs.

Combining striped candy with wrapped candy

Using striped candy and wrapped candy is a powerful combination that can help you clear a level with minimal moves. These two special candies work together to create a vertical line blast and a horizontal line blast. This can help you break up tight clusters of jellies or chocolate. If you combine the two together, you will be able to get rid of the most candies on the board in a single move.

This combo is a workhorse. It is often used as a “hail mary” pass when other options are unavailable. You can use striped candies to help break up a cluster of jellies or a chocolate block, and wrapped candies to break up a block of candies. The wrapped candy also explodes once the board settles. This makes it an excellent tool for clearing the surrounding candy, and is an excellent option when you don’t have many options.

Combining striped candy with color bomb

Using striped candy and color bomb to beat level 109 on candy crush may not seem as exciting as some of the more complex special candy combos, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Combine these two pieces together to create a striped candy that has the power to clear three columns and rows.

Color bombs are special candies that are created when five identical pieces are combined in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. When they are activated, they will create a chain reaction that will change all candies of the same color to the same color.

Color bombs are not able to explode like blockers. However, when they are used with striped candies, they can create a “plus sign” effect. This means that it can clear a row and column if it is positioned properly.

The most basic special candy combo is the striped candy. Creating vertical striped candies is a good way to take bombs out of sight and clear the board in one move. If you’re looking to create striped candies in a big way, consider creating a giant striped candy, which can clear 24 candies in a 5×5 grid.

Clearing chocolate and time bombs

Keeping your chocolate and time bombs at bay is one of the toughest things to do in the Candy Crush game. Clearing this one is a must if you want to score that all-important extra star. The time bombs on this level are no joke, they severely limit the number of moves you can make per level. You can make a decent score with this level, and if you are patient enough to stick to it, you will see rewards.

The best way to clear your chocolate and time bombs is to simply make a match of two or more wraps. This will make it easier to collect yellows and yellow licorice while keeping your moves under control. If you make a match of three or more wraps, it will be harder to clear your chocolate and time bombs.

Keeping track of the amount of moves you make per level is also important. This will allow you to see how many moves it takes to score that extra star.

Using power-ups only in dire need

Using power-ups isn’t always a good idea if you’re just trying to beat a level. Instead, try to finish the level without any power-ups before you use one. These power-ups are very expensive and aren’t always necessary.

The best way to clear trapped jelly is to form a striped candy combo. To form this combo, you need to align two horizontally striped candies on top of a jelly square. Striped candies are very easy to form. You can also use color bombs and wrapped candies to clear both bombs at once. Then, you can clear all the jelly on the board. Then, you can start playing the next level.

When you’re using power-ups to beat level 109, make sure that you’re not stuck in a situation where you have to use them for every single move. That way, you’ll be able to get through the level faster. Using power-ups is a good way to help you win a level, but it’s not a good way to get stuck in a level.

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