How To Beat Level 1103 On Candy Crush

How to Beat Level 1103 on Candy Crush

Getting past level 1103 on candy crush may not be easy, but there are several ways to beat it. You’ll be able to clear the yellow candies and complete the orders in order to reach the 40000 score goal. You’ll also be able to advance the date by a day and completely restore the lives that are left.

Clear the yellow candies

Getting the yellow candies to spawn is the first step in beating Candy Crush Level 1103, but it’s not the only trick you need to know to succeed. You also need to collect 12 yellow candies and clear the blockers on the right side of the playing field. Using special candies can help clear some of the blockers, but you’ll need to crush candies near the blockers to get the most out of them.

Clearing a cake makes it easier to get a yellow candy to spawn. You can clear a few yellow candies by combining a color bomb with a striped candy. It’s also a good idea to play near the cake to break more blockers. If you don’t want to use a cake bomb, you can back out of the level without losing your life.

Complete the orders with the 40000 score goal

Getting all 12 of the yellow candies required to complete the order on level 1103 is a feat in itself, and requires a lot of brute force. To accomplish the feat, you need to combine the right colour bombs and stripes in a strategic order. After all, a candy bar will only clear a candy bar if it is adjacent to a blocker. You can make this trickier by using a cake bomb, but you may choose to ignore it in favor of the next best thing.

The most successful trick is to use the right combination of colour bombs and stripes to break the jelly cake and clear the yellow candies. Once you have cleared the board, activate Sugar Crush to score additional points.

Cheat the 5 lives system

Getting through Candy Crush Saga level 1103 is easy if you follow some tricks. One of the tricks is to leave multiple tabs open at one time. This way, you’ll have 5 lives in a single game. There’s also a technique for destroying all the cake bombs to make it easier for you to reach the harder candies. This technique is especially helpful if you’re playing a level that is categorized as super hard.

If you’re stuck on the level, you may want to consider using a lucky candy booster. The lucky candies will help you clear licorice locks and make yellow candies spawn. You’ll also be able to clear the blockers on the right side of the playing field. You can also use a striped candy and colour combination to clear many blockers at once.

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