How To Beat Level 132 On Candy Crush Saga

How to Beat Level 132 on Candy Crush Saga

If you’ve been struggling to beat level 132 on Candy Crush Saga, there are a few tricks you can use. While some strategies are more effective than others, these basic tips can help you beat this level. For example, you should start crushing candy from the bottom. By doing so, you’ll create a chain reaction, which will allow you to destroy more pieces and earn points. You shouldn’t follow these tips blindly, however, as they could only lead to failure.

When it comes to special candies, they can be tricky to make, especially if they are two-layered. To overcome this problem, try making candies in five colors. You can use these special candies to create two-color bombs, striped candies, and wrapped candies. Just make sure that you don’t use cascades to ruin them, as they will ruin your special candies. Remember, orders are worth 10,000 points, so you have to get an extra 10000 to earn one star.

Unlike other levels, level 132 is not timed, so make sure you complete it within the amount of moves you have. The level is made up of two parts, the upper portion and the lower part. To clear the upper half of the board, you must break the first column through the separator. It is not necessary to clear the entire separator, but doing so will open up opportunities for special candies to be made.

As with level 133, you should combine colored candies with striped ones to make a color bomb. To activate a color bomb, you must first place another striped candy near it. Once you have done this, the color bomb will go off and you will be ready to move on. Remember to keep moving candies out of the corners, since they are more difficult to combine than those in the center.

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