How To Beat Level 1564 In Homescapes

How to Beat Level 1564 in Homescapes

Getting through level 1564 in Homescapes can be a struggle. With all the blockers, ice bombs, and bonuses thrown your way, you may feel like there’s no way to get through. However, there’s a way to beat this level and continue on your quest to reach level 60.

Ice bombs

Getting to the top of a level in Homescapes is an achievement in itself, but if you haven’t yet been to the top, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a few things you can do to get there. For one, you can use some of the more advanced features of the game, like the power ups. However, for a quick and painless fix, you may want to try a trick that involves a few elements you may not have been aware of.

This trick involves a combination of elements: the Rocket, the rainbow ball and the match three elements. While the Rocket does a pretty good job at cleaning all of your cells vertically, it can also zap a lot of numbers out of the sky. To get the Rocket to do its magic, you’ll need to remove most of the cookies from the board.

Hammer booster

Boosters can help make the game a bit easier. They can be purchased with coins, or they can be obtained from events and rewards. There are two types of boosters in Homescapes, the Hammer booster and the Sledgehammer booster. While both boosts are helpful, they do slightly differ. The Hammer boost is useful for obstacles that are close but not too far away. For instance, a Hammer booster can be used to destroy one layer of an obstacle without using any move or turn.

The Sledgehammer booster is similar to the Hammer booster, but it is used to clear a row of chips vertically or horizontally. It can be bought during the level’s passage, or it can be received as a reward for completing a game day.

Spread a carpet by combining bonuses

Trying to spread a carpet is a common problem in Homescapes. You’ll need to find the right combination of bonuses to spread it across the field. There are a number of different ways to do this, including combining chips and bonuses, using a paper airplane or a rocket, and even putting on a pair of gloves. There are also obstacles and barriers to contend with, so be sure to keep these in mind when attempting to spread carpet.

The most effective way to spread carpet is to use a Carpet Bomb, which is not only the most efficient method, but also one of the most effective. The Bomb should be placed in the center of the field, so that it activates all of the bonuses that are necessary to spread carpet across the field.

Pass level 60

Getting to level 1564 in Homescapes can be tough. There are a number of different factors that need to be considered when playing. A good way to get started is to look at the playing field and decide what the first move should be. This will help you decide what bonuses are available, and what kind of chips to use.

For example, if there are a lot of chips on the carpet, it is best to try to make combinations with them. This will free the field of chains and help create bonuses. Another way to get started is to launch Airplanes and destroy Walls. This can also help you collect the central cherries. You can also use the Airplane Generator to help collect the level goals.

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