How To Beat Level 341 In Candy Crush

How to Beat Level 341 in Candy Crush Saga

Trying to get to the end of level 341 in Candy Crush Saga? Well, the objective of this level is to collect 6 Colour Bombs and get to ten thousand points in 40 moves. There are many ways to complete this level of Candy Crush Saga without needing to buy a booster. These are some tips and tricks that will help you reach the end of this level of candy crush.

First, clear the Icing from your left side of the playing field. Next, you can match candies on either side of the playing area. This will shift most of the candies and open up new opportunities. For maximum effect, make sure to place the color bombs in the correct spot. You can repeat this process a number of times to clear this level. To get to the end of this level, you will need at least six color bombs.

Boosts are another way to beat level 341 of Candy Crush Saga. Boosters can help you improve your strategy and earn more points quickly. They can be acquired as you play the game or you can buy them for real money. Save boosters for tough levels. A good boost will allow you to match four or five candies together. These special candies work together more effectively than the regular candies.

Color bombs can be used to clear the level. The second column contains color bombs. They can be found in vertical rows. You must collect color bombs from all three columns to clear the entire column. If you are having trouble finding these, try moving your blocks around the board and you will get a better score. Try a different approach if that doesn’t work.

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