How To Beat Level 384 In Candy Crush

How to Beat Level 384 in Candy Crush Saga

There are several ways to beat level 384 in Candy Crush Saga, but you need a plan and some tips to get to the end of the level. The first step is to use a Lollipop Hammer, which will allow you to make up to 5 extra moves. The next step is to use the Free Switch, which beams down important help. You should also use the Dark Chocolate blocker to avoid the licorice X’s on the board.

Breaking a grill to make a striped candy combination is a good strategy. Breaking a grill will help you get to the next level. Between each move, be sure to check the entire field. You will waste your time if you miss any special candy. Please share your tips and tricks to beat level 384 in the comments section.

You can earn more points by using jelly fish and striped candy as boosters. You should also save extra lives for times when you will need them most. Always use boosters if you need them. Boosters are great for the most difficult levels. The coconut wheel will produce three striped candies just before the level begins, so make sure you use it. You will be able to complete the level if you have an extra life, so make sure you keep it in your wallet.

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