How To Beat Level 70 On 100 Floors

How to Beat Level 70 on 100 Floors

Continue reading if you are looking for a solution for level 70 on 100 floors. There are a few easy tricks you can use to clear the level and complete it. To make a sword, match the black and red squares. Next, you will need a sledgehammer and a knife for breaking the fan system. Listed below are some of the best tips to complete 100 Floors and clear it once and for all.

If you’re stuck on a certain level, don’t worry. A walkthrough video can help you. Many walkthroughs provide explanations and step-by-step videos. A walkthrough video will show you how to solve the puzzles, and move on to the next level. A walkthrough video may be helpful to learn the tricks and beat the level 36 challenge of 100 floors.

A 100 Floors video walkthrough can prove to be very helpful as it provides step-by-step instructions. With a guide like this, you can complete any level of the game without any problems! There are hundreds upon hundreds of video walkthroughs, so you can be certain you will find one that suits you. Be sure to review the cheat index before you use it. And remember, the higher the level, is the best!

Once you have mastered floor 80 you will be able to easily tackle level 81. This level is made up of a series puzzles. The easiest one is the mirror image level. This level is best achieved by counting the number of candles from left to right. You can read the numbers on the door. The orange numbers signify lighting, while the black numbers indicate that they have been put out. You must also choose the torch to light the candle before touching it.

Attempt to copy the floor pattern in the middle row. This will make it much easier to find and copy the patterns that are on the floor. Similarly, level 78 requires you to find the four spaces above the clock to say 1830. Level 71 also has a matching section where you can find the right way. Match the opposite signs to level 74 and the bottom that starts with red. These are just some of the tricks that you can use in order to beat level 70 on 100 levels.

Once you have completed the first two levels you can move on to the next. To complete the puzzle, match a chess board to the door hole. Next, you can move on to level 85. It will be easier if you match the colored pieces with the doorholes. You can also get the puzzles for level 83 by putting the shapes in the correct spots on the screen and shaking your phone.

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