How To Beat Level 71 On Candy Crush

How to Beat Level 71 on Candy Crush

If you’ve been struggling to beat level 71 on candy crush, you’re not alone. Many players are frustrated and want to know the secrets to beating this level. While some of these tips may be useful, others will only make things worse. These are some tips to help you get past this level.

The first trick to beat this level is to use special candies to break through cupcake blockers. Then, eat as many chocolates as possible. You can also combine special candies to break the chocolates locked and clear the board. To complete the level, you can move on to the green arrow. This strategy requires some strategic thinking and a good amount of patience. After you’ve followed these tips, you’ll be able to clear level 71 in no time.

Another trick is to create horizontal striped candies. These can be made by combining a wrapped candy and another striped candy. This combination will remove jelly from the lower-right portion of the map. Once you have enough candy you can make horizontally striped candies. You may need to save some for the end of the level, but the rewards are great once you’ve achieved it!

You can also use a colorbomb and striped candy. This can help you earn three stars. Level 71 will give you 21 jellies and three grill boxes. You have 35 moves to do this, but you can also make use of striped candy to break all the jellies vertically. If you don’t have any striped candy, you can use a combination of a colorbomb and a striped candy to easily break all the jellies.

To earn more points, you can also make use of jelly fish and striped candies. Keep your boosts safe for when you really need them. Save them for difficult levels. Boosters can be useful for increasing your life, but they should not be used during a level. This is because fish candies automatically consume jellies. You can lose boosters if you don’t have them for a level. This can lead to game-breaking situations.

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