How To Beat Level 726 In Candy Crush

How to Beat Level 726 in Candy Crush

Getting through level 726 of candy crush is a tough challenge, but with these simple tips and tricks, you can easily beat it and get the top score. To get two ingredients down, move your date forward one day. If you’re still running out of lives, get a combo and advance your date again.

Objectives of level 726

During level 726, your objective is to collect ingredients by moving them to the conveyor belt. You can shift the amount of candies on the conveyor belt and this can lead to new opportunities with special candies. You can also create a chain reaction by matching candies at the bottom of the playing field. This will result in a bigger amount of candies being brought down.

When moving ingredients onto the conveyor belt, make sure you’re moving them in the first or last column. This will keep the ingredients going in one direction. When the move counter goes from 11 to 10 on the move counter, the Color Bomb candy spawns from the dispenser in the middle column. This candy is a powerful tool when combined with special candies.

Combos are extremely powerful

Getting a good score on Candy Crush Saga level 726 will require a little bit of thinking. It’s important to clear the board and move ingredients to the right spots to ensure you get all the ingredients you need before the end of the level. However, there are many tricks to winning this level, one of which is creating combos.

One of the best tricks for this level is to play vertical Striped candies in combination with Jelly Fish. These combinations can be used to strip the board of swirls and clear many toffee layers. They can also be used to create a chain reaction that destroys many pieces.

Another trick for this level is to activate a striped candy at the bottom of the main board. Doing so will allow you to reposition your ingredients and create a Color Bomb.

You can cheat the 5 lives system

Using booster passes is an essential tool to beat Candy Crush levels, but there are workarounds to minimize the wait time. For example, if you play a level, you can see the number of lives cursoring above the “Full” text. This is a trick that cheaters have discovered and used to their advantage. They have erased their data on their mobile devices and used multiple Facebook accounts to obtain illegitimate lives. They have also switched the time forward and backwards on their mobile devices. This will allow them to cheat the system and receive the next life longer.

Another technique cheaters have used is to set their date forward one day. This is a simple way to cheat the system. The result is that you will receive a life every half an hour. It is a minor inconvenience, but it will not change the strategy of a difficult level.

You can get 2 ingredients down

During Candy Crush level 726, you’ll need to move ingredients into the conveyor belt by matching candies that are adjacent to each other. The goal is to bring down one Hazelnut and one cherry. To complete this level, you’ll need a total of 63 spaces and a maximum of 60,000 points.

In this level, you’ll need to be careful about the amount of moves you make. Especially when you’re dealing with specific threats. If you’re dealing with licorice, make sure you destroy it before it’s removed. This will prevent ingredient spawning and prevent you from losing points.

For this level, you’ll need to use a lot of striped candies. You can also use wrapped candies to strip away swirls on the board. You can also use a color bomb to activate striped candies. You’ll also need to clear some toffee layers.

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