How To Beat Level 726 On Candy Crush Soda

How to Beat Level 726 on Candy Crush Soda

You’re here to learn how to beat level 726 of Candy Crush Soda. This level is one of the ingredients levels and is the first one in the Marshmallow Mountains. To solve this level, you will need to get 1 cherry, a hazelnut, and 4 keys. You will have 40 moves to get through it. This level has 5 types of candy and 63 empty spaces. If you reach the end of the level, you can earn 60,000 points.

Multiple versions of this level are available on the Candy Crush Soda Wiki. After the Bubblegum Blueshift update, the current version was made available. Comments made after March 23rd 2016 are considered to have been made after the game’s release. Candy Crush Soda Wiki notes that this level is the first in the Gumdrop Gongfu episode and the 165th level of frosting in the Candy Crush Soda Saga. This level requires you to match nine or more candy of the same color to score 15,000 point. Once you have completed this, activate the Soda Crush.

There are many strategies that can be used to defeat this level. First of all, try to match three candies and spread them across the board. Another tip is to look for hidden pufflers. If you don’t get all her candy, the Jelly Queen won’t be able beat you. To stun her, you will need to collect unique candies. You can also make striped candies from the jelly.

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