How To Become Lic Agent In Noida

If you’re interested in becoming an LIC agent, you should be aware of the basic qualification requirements to apply for this job. In the city of Noida, about 40% of the population does not have life insurance, but that figure is set to increase in the near future. Life insurance is a very popular product in India and is an excellent source of income. You can even use your knowledge of the financial world to get ahead by becoming an LIC agent.

To become an LIC agent, you must have at least five years of experience in the insurance industry. You must have completed an insurance course. Moreover, you must have experience in sales. LIC agents are required to have two years of insurance and five years of experience. This is an ideal position for those with customer service skills and a passion for numbers. Besides, you will be working with a leading insurance company in India.

For the job, you should possess an education in finance, preferably in law or business. An agent must have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. A good amount of experience in the insurance industry is essential for the job. You should also be able to apply for several positions, as the number of openings is large. LIC agents in Noida have an average salary of twelve lakh rupees per annul.

There are many ways to become an LIC agent in Noida. You can apply for the job online or at the office. You can also do it in your spare time, as the whole selection process takes place online. It doesn’t matter if you’re unemployed or a housewife. The main benefit of being an LIC agent is the fact that you can choose your own schedule, have clients and earn enough to pay your expenses.

To become an LIC agent in Noida, you must sell a minimum of six policies to earn a commission. It’s a good idea to focus on selling single premium policies, which offer no commission. Nevertheless, it is better to focus on multi-period policy sales. This will help you build your network. It is important to have a good relationship with your clients.

In order to become an LIC agent in Noida, you must sell a minimum of 12 policies. It’s recommended to sell at least six policies in order to earn a commission. In addition to earning a decent income, you should also be consistent, punctual and customer-service-oriented. The commissions for LIC agents vary depending on various factors. For example, single premium policies earn 2%, while regular policies with 15-year PPT pay 28%. Then, you’ll earn 7.5% of the premiums for the remainder of the policy term.

As an LIC agent, you must sell at least 12 policies worth a total of one lakh premiums. To become an LIC agent in Noida, you must be a resident of the city. In addition to selling life insurance, you must also meet minimum requirements. For example, you must have completed your studies. You must have a good degree in English and a computer. You should be familiar with the local language and the culture of the city.

There are no restrictions for aspiring LIC agents. You need to sell a minimum of 12 or six policies and have excellent customer service. In order to become an LIC agent, you must sell at least 50,000 or one lakh premium policies. Your commission will depend on a number of factors. Typically, you’ll earn a 3% commission for single premium policies, while a 28% or 35% commission for regular policies with 15+-year PPT. During the second and third years, you’ll get 7.5% commissions.

In order to become an LIC agent, you must sell a minimum of 12 policies and one lakh premiums. The LIC agency salary is highly competitive, ranging from six figures to several hundred thousands of dollars. But it’s well worth it. You’ll be rewarded with a good salary and a great sense of satisfaction. And if you have the right attitude, you’ll be able to be a successful LIC.

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